10 Best Second Honeymoon Destinations

July 13, 2015
Looking for the perfect destination for your second honeymoon? Then look no further because I’ve got the list of some of the best second honeymoon destinations. Taking a second honeymoon isn’t only a fabulous way to reconnect and rekindle romance, but it’s also an excellent excuse to treat yourself and your partner to the ultimate escape. Here are a few fantastic second honeymoon destinations to consider. Spice up your romantic life by going on your second honeymoon, you won’t regret it (By: Womanitely).
1. Kauai, Hawaii

This beautiful Hawaiian island boasts great private villas on secluded beaches, which make for an ideal honeymoon. If you and your partner are an adventurous couple, you can kayak down the Wailua River, hike through the Na Pali Coast, or explore Waimea Canyon. While you might need a good pair of hiking boots and an adventurous spirit to visit Kauai, you might also need more money, especially if you visit it in winter. To save your hard-earned money, consider visiting Kauai in fall.