10 Huge Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Small

June 14, 2015
Some of the hugest celebrities in “la la land” have a huge following. They’ve made massive blockbuster movies, and some of them even have egos to match. But when it comes to physical height they are surprisingly short. “I thought he would be taller in the flesh” is often the first words muttered by anyone meeting some of these megastars for the first time. According to statistics, the average European or American male is 5’10” tall, but not everybody is average (By: Celebzen).
1. Eva Longoria

The shining star of Desperate Housewives, among many other things, stands only 5’2” in her stocking feet. Of course she looks much taller in her killer heels. This beauty is of Mexican Descent.

In 1998 she was Miss Corpus Christi USA. And she was always very popular, as she said, “I didn’t really blossom until my mid teens and by that time I had to work on my personality to make people like me. I found it easy to make people laugh and I was always pretty popular.“

She is the youngest of four daughters and the only one to have dark skin, eyes, and hair. All of her three sisters have fair hair, blue eyes, and Caucasian skin. She thought for a long time that she is not their family, but adopted.

She would date Brad Pitt as she once stated, “It would be nice to go out on a date with Brad Pitt but I’m not going to cry about it. There are plenty of other guys out there.“

About her part as Gabrielle Solis in TV ‘Desperate Housewives’, she reported, “As soon as I read the script I knew it was pretty special.

The creator of the show asked what I thought of the writing as a whole. I told him I had no idea because I’d only read my part. He laughed and told me I’d got the job. He thought my answer was completely “Gabrielle”.“