11 Unattractive Celebs With GORGEOUS Children

June 29, 2015
Some of the worlds most talented people aren’t always the best looking. In a world full of plastic surgery and quick fixes we sometimes forget our true selves. That beautiful image of a person you see on big screens and in magazines are often edited and photo shopped. Before and after pictures can be found all over the web of famous celebs who have had major transformations to their faces. It makes you wonder, what do their kids look like? Well here it is… These 15 celebs listed are not the most pleasing to the eye but their kids will have you double take! These are some of the most gorgeous celebrity kids (By: 4Allwomenshealth).
Eddie Murphy

Daughters of actor Eddie Murphy and former model Nicole Mitchell are hot! Bria Murphy and Shayne Murphy clearly got their looks from their mom and we are glad they did! These two girls followed in their parent footsteps when it came to their careers. Both girls are lingerie models now and prove to the world that they can hold their own! They have been in the media lately spotted around town with some of Hollywood’s A-listers (Photo Credit: Justiceemere.blogspot).