12 Wedding Photos That Failed Hilariously

September 21, 2015
Weddings are one of the most cherished and time honored rituals across all cultures – the glorious and beautiful ceremonial joining to two people in love and fidelity. With all of the joy and light-heartedness floating around, of course you’ll find that people like to get a little bit silly. And yet, there are people who, no matter how much planning they go through (or class that they think they have), manage to capture not only the weirdest but also the trashiest, dumbest, and obliviously terrible wedding photos (By:Lolwot).
That Rug Tied the Whole Room Together

Quirks, oddities, inside jokes – they are all-important elements of relationships with friends. They also are (hopefully) words used to describe this wedding photo. If this picture is supposed to be taken seriously, it absolutely missed its mark.