15 Celebrities Caught Cheating

July 23, 2015
Celebrity couples are a focus in our society. Many people try to model their own relationships off of the relationship of their favorite celebrity. Celebrity couples wish for privacy, but that almost never happened. That lack of privacy is almost always the number one reason why celebrity couples breakup. When there are cameras constantly in you and your partners face, there are some things that get exposed. There have been plenty of cases where the paparazzi have caught celebrities cheating on their significant other and destroying whatever relationship they had. These are some celebrities who have ruined their relationships by cheating (By:Trueceleblife).
Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor was a gorgeous and talented actress who was involved with an equally talented actor, Richard Burton. The two had a tumultuous relationship from the start, but it only became public knowledge when paparazzi took photos of them together on a yacht off the coast of Italy in 1962. At this time both were married, to different people. Taylor was married to her fourth husband Eddie Fisher, and Burton to his first wife Sybil Williams. Eventually, Taylor and Burton married each other. There is an entire Lifetime movie based on their affair.