15 Celebs With Secret Side Jobs

August 3, 2015
Celebrities seem to have it made. Their lives are full of glamour. There careers are consuming but the benefits are great. Some celebrities choose their career based on what they are good at and have a passion for something else. Other celebrities simply have multiple interest and want to explore them all. Though we know they for doing one thing, many celebrities have side gigs. Some celebrities find a second gig to get away from their daily routine. Other celebrities get a second job to increase their income, because you can’t be too rich. Some of the side gigs that celebrities have will surprise you (By: Trueceleblife).

Beyonce is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She is consistently releasing new music and videos for fans. It is hard to think that she has time for anything else. When she is not being and international pop star, she is a mom and wife. Beyonce recently partnered with fitness pro Macro Borges to launch the 22 Day Nutrition Plan. It is a vegan meal delivery program.