15 Places You Must Visit Before They Disappear

June 30, 2015
The earth is constantly changing. Sometimes it is a natural phenomenon like an earthquake, or volcano eruption that adjusts the earths landscape. Other times and in more recent decades it has been changed due to the need of us humans who occupy it. As the human race grows, the planet becomes smaller. We have removed entire forests too make room for our cities and roads. There are many places on earth that have been changed forever and there are a few places that remain untouched, but the clock is ticking. Due to climate change and many other reasons these places will soon disappear. I encourage everyone to go see them before they are gone (By: 4Alltravelers).

A land of untouched beauty, Patagonia is located at the most southern tip of South America. Patagonia could be dramatically altered by climate change. Many of its glaciers are quickly retreating because of rising temperatures and declining precipitation. Patagonia won’t disappear entirely, but its landscape may soon be altered beyond recognition if global warming persists.