17 Fun Works of Art Inspired by Ice Cream

July 20, 2015
Since ice cream is the ultimate go-to indulgence in sweet, comfort food, it's no wonder that this delectable dessert has its own national holiday. (Here in the US, National Ice Cream Day falls on the third Sunday of July, making July 19th the perfect cheat day.) This should also make it no surprise that countless creatives have turned to the creamy, frozen treat for inspiration. After all, with its smooth texture, crunchy cone, and decadent toppings, ice cream acts as the perfect muse. (Especially with sprinkles and a cherry on top!) In honor of this prestigious (and delicious) holiday, we've compiled a list of the best ice cream art that we could find. From floral arrangements to sculptures by the sea to artwork that was painted with actual ice cream, we've covered it all! Though each piece is unique, every artist perfectly captures the magnificence of our central theme—the delightfully inspiring aura of ice cream. Now, enjoy the summer-approved, visual treats below! And, Happy National Ice Cream Day! (By: Mymodernmet)
"Ice Cream Cone" and "HF Sundae II"

By Ed Bing Lee, macrame.