18 Of The Most Amazingly Secluded Hotels On The Planet

September 20, 2015
While some people prefer to travel to popular and well-known places to explore the city centre and touristy spots, other people prefer to plan their trip to stay in more isolated places, far away from all the hype. In fact, there are some amazing hotels situated in isolated locations around the world to cater for this type of person, and we’re about to show you the best of them. Check out our awesome selection of the 18 most amazingly secluded hotels on the entire planet. Enjoy (By: Boredbug).
1. Explora Patagonia in Patagonia, Chile

This hotel is near Lake Pehoe and close to the Cordillera Plane mountains, meaning the rooms have mind-blowing views. The architecture combines simplicity and luxury, and the hotel itself provides lots of fun activities for tourists. This amazing hotel is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful secluded hotels in the world.