4 Best Design Offices Around The World

April 26, 2015
We brings you our hand picked selection of the best 4 office design pictures around the globe.
Essence Digital Office

Essence have been through a meteoric rise in recent years. However, their offices could never keep up with their growth and diversity.

The first big step was to move from their cramped and disconnected environment in Soho to a shiny new office in Oxford Street. Then it was about creating a fun, supportive environment centred around their people.

We tipped the traditional office design on its head. Essence now have a London district – a space for people to hang out and work however they choose.

You’re welcomed by the Box Park-style bleachers, with a hidden roof terrace for small meeting, or simply to get away from the office hustle and bustle. Their people (the ‘Essentials’) use the bleachers to work, meet, socialise, and for those all-important all-hands get-togethers.