9 Things You Should Never Say to Men

July 12, 2015
Words can ruin any relationship in a matter of minutes. You might have been together for years, but once you say one of the things women should never say to men, you may end up with heartbreak. Women tend to be highly sensitive, but men, albeit they are brave and patient, can get hurt too. Some men are like children and it’s hard to build a serious relationship with them. But if you love such a man, you should avoid being clingy and needy, because they are actually clingy and needy. Moreover, they don’t like when you say something that they don’t want to hear. Even if you will run away from a needy man, it’s important that you avoid saying one of these things to your partner (By: Womanitely).
1. You are a mama’s boy

Dating a “mama’s boy” is always hard, but if you love your man and want to spend your life with him, you should never say that he is a “mama’s boy.” Accept this fact and don’t try to change him. If your man is a “mama’s boy” in his 20s, he will be “mama’s boy” in his 40s too. Are you ready for it? If yes, then love and appreciate his mom more than your mom, and he will love you till the end of his life. Personally I avoid this type of men because any wrong word about him or his mother can ruin your relationship in a jiff. This is a lesson I learned from my own experience.