30 Amazing Tattoos Effects That Are Guaranteed To Impress You

May 18, 2015
Tattoos are more popular these days than they’ve ever been before. When we decide to get a tattoo, we should always look for a well-known artist with a good reputation who is able to develop our ideas into a reality, otherwise you may get a nasty surprise. Even though you see them everywhere you go, every once in a while you see some tattoos that are really a work of art. Here you will see some of the most spaical and amazing tattoos ever (By: Boredbug).
Digital Pixel Effects

The Russian artist Lesha Lauz specializes in tattoos, and creates super colorful ones that combine animals and awesome digital pixel effects. Lauz uses all his creativity and skills to come up with the designs, which has resulted in his work becoming a huge success all over the world, all thanks to his pure originality. Here is a fantastic selection of some of his very best tattoos. Enjoy!