OMG: 13 Ugliest Celebrity Wedding Dresses

September 1, 2015
Celebs love marriages. Sometimes they divorce too, but hey, that’s something we all do, right? But let’s get back to the marriages. Everybody loves a good wedding. Talk shows, editorials, interviews, photo shoots… it seems that a celebrity wedding is so much more complex than a regular one. However, there is one thing that’s more important to all female celebrities and that is- the perfect wedding dress. Flower arrangements will arrange themselves, let them eat cake if the main course is not fresh, but wedding dress is very important. It will be on all magazine covers after all! There is one thing that is even better than a perfect wedding dress and that is- an ugly wedding dress. You don’t believe us? Check out these horrible celebrity wedding dresses! (By: Viralheroes)
Katie Price

Katie Price, ladies and gents! This was the wedding number… to be honest, we really don’t know. In our defense, we are not sure if Katie even knows. The woman was really into marrying at one point! She changed the grooms and menus, but one thing stayed the same- each and every of Katie’s wedding dresses was unbearably ugly. Look at this one, for example. It’s gigantic, it’s kind of pink and it is full of glitter. That doesn’t look like a good start for a marriage.