Top 10 Celebrity Dog Look-A-likes

June 8, 2015
Ever heard someone say the phrase some dogs look like their owners and thought to yourself, yeah, can you shut up talking now as no dog resembles a real person? Well, my friend, they may have had a point. In fact, we have 10 cases where certain breeds of dogs look like certain celebrities. Yeah, we were sceptical ourselves but it seems that it’s possible for celebrities to have dog look-a-likes. If only the following famous people and their canine companions were alive, back when Noah was building his Ark. Each pair would have been allowed upon his big ass boat as the same species. Do you think modern day Noah would have popped into B&Q for all his DIY needs if the same story happened today? Oh, and if you are reading this, Disney, and you wish to hire any of the famous people below, make sure you get them to play their dog look-a-like as their character (By: Ultimatetop10s).
Albert Einstein Looks Like a ….

Albert Einstein was a genius, there is no question about it. In fact, his wacky white hair help give birth to mad scientist roles such as Doc from Back to the Future. It seems he has a furry companion that has based his looks on Einstein by also sticking a folk in a plug socket. We wonder if any other dogs out there are inspired to look like their favourite celebrities.

As we are no dog expert, we were unable to find the names of certain breeds of dog. If you know any of the breeds above that we missed (or any that we incorrectly named) then please let us know in the comments below. Suggestions are also much appreciated.