Top 3 Celebrity And Hotel Motor Homes

April 26, 2015
Check Out : Celebrity Motor Homes & Limousine. Great American Country goes inside the most luxurious celebrity tour buses and trailers & limousine (By: Gactv)
Kellie Pickler's Tour Bus

The bus’s main living area has polished hardwood floors and cozy white furniture, but the most important feature is the family photos Kellie keeps with her on the road. Shots of Kellie and her husband Kyle, her grandmother and other family members line the shelves, letting her keep a piece of home with her wherever she goes.

A former Sonic waitress, Kellie had a special ice maker installed on the bus that makes the same type of ice Sonic serves in their drinks. She also has a bookshelf full of her favorite books and a shoe closet that would make any girl jealous!